ie6 redirect problem

if the user is using ie6, we want to have a site redirect to an ie6 specific page.

on that page there is an upgrade link but there is also a “proceed anyway” link which should load the site. this is where i’m running into problems. its easy to create a redirect to the ie6 page but how can i get it to override if the user decides to do so?

would i need to use a cookie or something?

for now this seems to work…

<!--[if IE 6]>
if(isset($_SESSION['ie6'])) {
} else {
if($_SESSION['ie6'] == 1) { 
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=/ie6.php" />
<?php } ?>

cool. sessions/cookies are new to me…

so i assume on the ie6 alternate page i would pass a variable into the session.

and then in my header include – check for that variable? if not present, display ie6 page. if it is, display the page they were going to.

any quick clues to how this is written?

i was also wondering if there was something with mod rewrite that could just rewrite one time.

Yes, you could write a cookie or you might save a variable in the user’s session (if you’re using sessions).