IE6 problem

I am having a problem with my site in IE6 and i think it might be a CSS issue. take a look at

if you click the “show map” button for any of the 3 locations ,the map will slide down and the “show map” button is hidden using jquery .hide() function and then the “Hide Map” button is shown using the jquery .show() function.

this seems to work on most browsers but for some reason in IE6, when you click the “show map” button for the rightmost location (Clifton Park), the “show map” button gets hidden but the “hide map” button doesnt get shown. the buttons for the other 2 locations work so i think it might be some kind of CSS issue that i am not seeing.

any ideas??

i also just noticed that it doesnt work correctly in IE7 either. in IE7 the “Hide Map” button appears but it appears outside the location box.

if anyone could help out i would appreciate it.