IE problem - overlapping text

The left sidebar text is overlapping into the main div in IE even IE8 on this site! Can’t remember or figure out the fix?

I couldn’t see any overlap - where abouts?

Did you look with IE?

Here’s a screenshot.

Weird after clicking on the 2-5 or so top links, the nav goes behind the top text and then when I click on the nav it straightens out??

I see it in IE8. But you might fix first your 32 xhtml validation errors and your css validation error :wink:

Thanks Luki. Appreciate that! It’s a friend’s site who is more a designer than a developer. I’ll pass that on.

Here’s the weird nav under text issue. When I click the nav it looks normal.

Still a lot of invalid HTML there, no point trying to debug invalid pages especially if that is the cause (it’s a possibility :))

Okay. I’ll try to get the ftp to fix the errors and see if that fixes it. I’ll post back. It might not be until tomorrow that I get the ftp info.

No prob dude :slight_smile:

But like Ryan also mentioned, i’dd first fix that. Could probably save you some headache :wink:

Will do. Not a dude :-).

I looked in Ie6 and IE7 and there is no overlap.

You didn’t say it was only Ie8 !! you said even IE8 :[B]

[/B]text is overlapping into the main div in IE even IE8

Which means its likely to be one of the errors as IE8 is less forgiving so fix those first and then we can look again if the problem isn’t solved.

Lol, i didn’t notice your nick. Sorry for that :smiley:

Sorry! I thought if IE8 had issues all the other ones would too. Learned something new.

Lol, i didn’t notice your nick. Sorry for that

No worries :-)! CSS/web building is definitely more male than female :-).

IE works the other way around: the lower the number, the worser it is lol.

More male? Hmm, i hope not :wink:

That’s what I thought I was saying :-). Thought if IE8 had a problem, surely the lower versions would. Paul is saying the opposite – lower ones not having problem.

More male? Hmm, i hope not

Meant seems to be more males in the field than females.

Sometimes depending on how the code is the lower versions of IE will display correctly, though most of hte times due to haslayout issues, or just plain ol’ bugs. IE8 is actually a very decent browser, despite me hating IE. It’s very picky on validation though (a good thing)

Off Topic:

I hpoe this isn’t more male them female! Why do you think I’m so involved in CSS. To help people? Nawww it’s definately the chicks :wink:

You serious? I see very few if any females in the CSS forum but that could be my limited exposure.

Off Topic:

There was definate sarcasm there, even the internet couldn’t hide it ;). There are a good bunch of females here, though unlike us males, they have lives so you don’t see them much.

Yeah, sometimes i stutter and ramble :smiley:

IE8 is far better but sometimes he will give you some trouble as where the lower don’t, because they are more forgiven

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As opposite to my buddy Ryan, i’m definitely in it for the chicks :smiley: :smiley: (just joking)