IE Keeps making div dissappear


I’m working on a site: Hair Care Products, Hair Products - Terence Paul Online

If you look in the middle content in IE7 and below the left side of the content appears and then disappears but I’m unsure why.

Any tips?



I think this is killing you:

.clear { clear:both; font-size:0; line-height:0; height:0; visibility:hidden; overflow:hidden; }

Whatever its purpose, it’s not working! What happens if you just get rid of it?

Thanks for the reply.

No it’s not that as I removed it.

It seems to work when it loads then just cut off before everything else is completed loading.

Any other ideas?


It’s still there, in this style sheet:

It tells that content to be completely hidden, so please remove it so that we can at least eliminate that from the mix. :slight_smile: