IE Issues - :Hover problems on iframe video in hidden div

I’ve been designing some new aspects of my site, works fine in Firefox but not in IE8.

Basically I have a glorified tooltip which when hovered over displays a div that holds an iframe video… when I hover over the video in Internet explorer the whole tool tip div vanishes, it seems to work fine in Firefox though.
Have tried various fixes but can’t rid of this problem so any ideas are appreciated…

Heres the link:

If you hover over ‘Review Zone’ in the top right of the first product on the page you should get the revealed tooltip div.
Please mention any other problems if you come across them on the design of this section

I don’t see any products on that page. Could you check the link?

Ok here we go with a working link this time!

This is how all IEs behave. The iframe is regarded as a new context and the hover is dropped. I’m aware of no CSS fix. This Stack Overflow page suggests a javascript solution.

Thanks for the link Victorinox, annoying as the idea behind the design was not to use javascript! Back to the design board…