IE Issue - Cross Browser Problems

In IE, the dropdown menus go behind the image scroller any idea why this is and also the border line on the dropdown button goes all the way across which is weird but it looks perfect in Firefox and Safari

Impossible to tell you what the cause is without code :). How are we supposed to debug without it lol :).

Post a link to the site in question.

Most likely you just need to have the parent set with the z-index/position:relative instead of the dropdown :slight_smile:

oops forgot the link…

Please let me know if this will help, thanks Ryan

Hi, you set position:relative for the slider (as well as the dropdown) and as a result since the slider is later in the soruce it will appear on top


Set a higher z-index then 1 if you want (though you do need one set above 0 :))

As for the border issue, you could set it to be float:left instead of the display:inline-block (whcih you forgot IE6/7 hacks for it (it needs to be set display:inline; first)

Thanks Ryan,

Unfortunately I dont have IE where I am now, I made these changes, if you get a moment could you check it out in IE and let me know if it looks correct now…



It does :). I tested before I posted.