IE gives "Function expected" error (was "Help!")

There seems to be an error in my script. Go to:

You’ll see it says there’s an error in page (but I think only in IE, FF doesn’t seem to show it).

Here’s what IE has to say about it:
Line: 3
Char: 1
Error: Function expected
Code: 0

I’m not sure what this means - I’m pretty sure there’s no error in the code on line 3!!!??

Can anyone shed any light on it?


This is a Javascript error, not a PHP error. Remember that browsers have no idea what is going on in the back end (where PHP does its thing). Browsers deal with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

I don’t get the JS error, I just don’t see the images.
On the second line of your cos.js file there is this:

var accepted_domains=new Array("")("")

Looks a bit wrong to me. Change it to this and see if it helps:

var accepted_domains=new Array("", "");

Perfect. So simple :blush: