IE does it again

I have just finished a design of a new homepage with a slideshow as the main focus. Works in all browsers except IE8 and 7.
Is there a way to display a different slideshow if the user has these browsers?

If you post a link or some code you might get some help. There could be something very simple such as a comma or space making it not work right in those browsers. There are also some specific ways to include or interpret code based on browser.

This is the slideshow that I was using…
Looking at the forum for this slideshow it seems that no solution has been found to make it work in IE8 or 7, so I thought a better solution was to show a different slideshow if users were viewing with IE8 or less

Try incorporating this into your IE7 and IE8 which may fake HTML5 support and get it to work.

I had a go but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Perhaps just serve up a graphic to browsers less than IE9.

Yes, I thought this might be the best way to go, but I don’t know how to show different content for those browsers. I have done conditional css styling before but not alternative content for different browsers

It can be done with jQuery / Javascript:

Thanks for the links and for taking the time to post them, they will be really helpful. So, once I have detected the browser, is it best to redirect the user automatically to an alternative page if they have IE, or can this be done better by having two divs and making one hidden depending on the browser?

Personally I’d just render an alternative DIV but you are essentially achieving the same result.

Another alternative is to render 2 divs:

<div id=“mostBrowsers”>–content–</div>
<div id=“IEContent”>–ie content</div>

You would have 2 stylesheets (one for all browsers AND one specific to lte IE9). In the all-browser stylesheet you’ll hide the IEContent div and in the IE specific stylesheet you’ll show the IEContent and hide #mostBrowsers.

Thanks for this, of course this makes sense and it is working. Thanks for your patience.

this help me a lot too…have the same issue the rotating image from tympanus is awesome and in the end I gave up and try another image slider.

Yes it’s a shame it is a great slideshow but not with IE