IE Development Tool - Displaying Rules?

How do you get the IE Development Tools to show the style rule on the right hand side of the window ? I can select the Div/Tag, but the rule won’t show up for me to change the rule properties ?

With the Developer Tools HTML tab active, you should see the HTML structure on the left and buttons on the right for Style, Trace Styles, Layout and Attributes. If you can only see the HTML then you may have accidentally dragged the right pane to full width. If so, you should be able to grab the right edge of the pane and drag it left to reveal the other buttons.

Note that although existing properties can be toggled on and off, or their values changed, the only way to add new CSS properties to elements is to use the Attributes function. This adds an inline style to the selected element rather than altering existing CSS rules. Therefore, unlike editing CSS in Firebug, only the selected element is affected.

If this doesn’t answer your question, posting a screenshot may help.

FireBug I see the HTML on the left and the rules for the selected tag on the right. The HTML shows with the IE development tool but not the rrule for the style when I select the tag on the left hand side ? You want a screen shot ?

Can you see the Style, Trace Styles, Layout and Attributes buttons?

Have you tried dragging the right edge leftwards?

As I said, posting a screenshot of what you are seeing may help.

I’ve tried dragging around all aspects of the window which is located at the base of IE.

Sorry, I’ve no explanation for this. The styles should be listed on the right, and are when visiting a link to your site provided on an earlier thread, as the attached screenshot will show.

Is it the same whatever site you are viewing? Have you tried restarting browser and OS?

I’ll try restarting the OS.

I restarted the OS, I don’t see the rules under the trace style heading. Odd.

I found the problem, IE Dev Tool Bar does not work with PHP files !