IE Compatibility View


Ive built a site mainly consisting of image galleries for an artist.

The images are looking great in the usual browsers,but there is a problem in IE.

In IE 9 and 10 the images have a slightly lower resolution, UNLESS I switch to compatibility view. Then they look as they should.

How can I make the images view properly without having to turn on compatibility view? And why is it doing this…could it be a fault in my coding?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Possibly an error in your code but impossible to say for sure without seeing the code.

Compatibility mode is generally only needed for pages coded for old versions of IE.

I see, can I assume that if its a coding issue, its most likely to be a problem in the head tag? If so I will just post that up.

I ask because Ive written the code mostly in html5


Can anyone help any further?

hello, have you tried to add height:auto and width:auto for the images view on IE! or max-height and max-width, this usually results in IE rendering the correct aspect ratio when the images are kinda big…

Sorry, do you mean to put height:auto and width:auto into my html? Or are you talking about a setting in IE?

i talk about your HTML code.

I think you are talking about the CSS, aren’t you? height:auto and width:auto are something you’d put in the CSS.

@murphaloid What you are describing sounds pretty odd, as IE9 and 10 should behave pretty well. As felgall said, the ideal would be for us to see this ourselves. Is this online yet?

yes sorry and thank you for the correction, when i answered the question it was kinda 3:00am over here :slight_smile:

Hi there

Thanks for trying to help guys :slight_smile: I’m not so good with browser issues (but getting better!).

The site is temporarily online, only to allow good people like you to help me to fix it. Its here

The issues are:

Site looks good in Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

In IE 10,9,8 - the site looks as it should, EXCEPT the images are lacking the correct sharpness. The fonts and navigation are fine.


IF I switch to compatibility view in those versions, the images are properly rendered but the fonts and navigation look poor.

I haven’t tried yet to support IE7 so don’t worry about that for now. This is the only issue preventing the site from being launched!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks absolutely fine to me in IE, but perhaps that’s because I’m on a Mac. Perhaps the opacity settings set by JS are causing the browser problems. How do the pictures look for you if you turn off JavaScript?

hello there,

i just tested the website on IE 9 it’s really working good, im under Windows XP there is no different on my side, all work good!

Really? Thats helpful to know…are you certain the large images look exactly the same if you switch to compatibility mode? The best image to test is to look at the writing on the door of the first image on the homepage.


OK so I turned off Javascript and the images are perfect! So this must mean a JS issue? I know nothing about JS I’m afraid…can you help? :slight_smile:

I’ve just had a look, after stopping the slide show, and I CAN see differences in the sharpness. Using FF 17, Chrome 23 (when will this insane numbering race stop) and IE9 on my old Vista machine. The IE images are slightly lower contrast.

On my new (back from the repair shop) Windows 7 machine which has a sharper screen, I see it there too, for the same browsers.

It’s not your imagination.

Then I turned off Javascript in IE on the Windows 7 machine, and it made no difference (yes, I remembered to refresh the page as well). That door with writing on it is a good test image, I accidentally choose that one when I first looked.

That’s interesting, thanks for confirming that there is an IE issue. I’m completely stumped and desperately hoping some clever person out there can help me fix it ASAP!

Thanks for your replies so far. Any more ideas out there?