IE Background Positioning Is Off

Hey everyone,
I have a website in development here:

And the background positioning in Internet Explorer 8, 7, and 6 is off. I can’t figure it out for the life of me… I have set IE specific sylesheets with different background positioning but it shows the image 2x (once in the wrong position and once in the right position).

It almost feels like the CSS is getting rendered twice for some reason, because you can see the list images display in the right place at first, and then they mess up right afterwards. See the list graphics, sidebar checkmarks, and footer image are all askew in IE.

The list images are the most noticeable… It should look just like how Firefox displays the page.
Any ideas? Is this an easy fix?

(Also, I have removed the IE CSS specific files to show how it renders just from the style.css file)



I couldn’t see what you meant as the only thing I noticed in IE7 that was wrong was the missing top border which is because theses 2 specific IE rules need to be removed.

             #container-top {display:none;}
#container {margin-top:15px;}

BTW see the FAQ on the sticky footer technique as the version you are using will break in IE7,8 and opera :wink: