IE 9 and below for async loading

Making some perf improvements to a page and I have to support IE9 and below. And would you have it that they don’t support async tags for async loads. got it.

I’m about to do some more testing - but I feel I’m about to lose some perf to an old browser support request.

Do I have any options to async load some js files in IE9 and below? Figured i’d ask some pros whilst I go through the interweb.


With all of the JavaScript just before the </body> tag where JavaScript belongs the async will not make much if any noticeable difference.

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ya. i’m noticing that. I was afraid it might go haywire.

Wonder how much inline JS is too much in line before I lose some #perf.

About to find out.


Any inline JS will add a huge amount of time to maintaining the site.

The overhead of moving it ALL to a separate file is a very slight performance hit - too small to notice unless you attach thousands of external files to your page.

I hear you… and actually not as bad as it sounds. I’d post the info but it’s for a client. But I’ll be fine.

Thx for checking.