IE 8 Print command issue


I am having one issue when I am using IE 8 browser while printing. I am writing to print one page using javasript:window.print(); this works with other browser but IE 8 it is skiping few part of the right side of the page.

Please advice how to handle this situation for IE 8.


In which case, the techniques that you use for the presentation of the affect parts will need to be investigated. The most effective manner in which this can be done is for us to investigate a live online version of the page that is experiencing the problem.

Does IE8 have the same problem when you choose to manually print the page? If so then you will most likely need to adjust the CSS techniques in order to help.

Observing the issue with manually print also.

I dont have live URl for investigation but the issues is only for IE 8 and the page structure is build using html and div’s

It’s not possible to help further without an investigation into the techniques being used to present the information, which commonly requires access to a working example.

Ok no problem thanks forr guiding so far. Could you please advice can we adjust the with of the printing file so that it can be shrink to fit to the print layout for IE 8?

Commonly a print stylesheet is used.
The good people in the CSS Forum can provide good details about this for you.

Generally print stylesheets should be simple and clean, you shouldn’t have any navigation, advertisements or other junk visible on the printed page, it should be content and a logo with the copyright message, nothing more. Paper wastage and ink usage is a very big deal these days with the environment being at the forefront of the agendas. Hiding anything which isn’t needed on the printed page is essential to reducing such costs to the end user, navigation isn’t clickable on a printed piece of paper so it’s just a waste of space and ink. Your page probably doesn’t even need a “print layout”, just a chopped down minimalistic document. :slight_smile:

Another thing to note is that your print layout should be designed to fit the width of A4 paper and should be completely browser independent.

Also if you want your design to work on handheld devices you will probably be better off producing a dedicated design for the site as the handheld media type is very poorly supported. It’s a whole big issue surrounding the mobile device manufacturers producing browsers which don’t follow the specifications. :slight_smile: