IE 8 Drop Down Menu Hiding Behind iFrame

I’ve been banging my head on this for a few hours now, here’s the site:

As you can see, the drop down menu at the top is sliding behind the iframe/flash content. I’ve tried various things with CSS, Flash and the iframe and nothing seems to work. Now, I’m stuck using the iframe for the flash content because of the engine driving the site, this seems to be the only the thing the engine will allow us to input. So now I’m stuck, anyone have any ideas?

Hi, it’s not just IE8.

Can you go into the flash players program and change the wmode to transparent? Like resave the file with a transparent value?

Normally with flash content coming above a dropdown, you’d just add a param inside your <object> tag and set that wmode value to transparent, but you’re importning it via an iframe…

Unfortunately, Opera will always have teh iframe displayed on top, but give me a second, I’m trying out something I just thought of.

Edit-I thought that using a differnet method of approach on how to hide/display (instead of using display:none/block, use a huge negative left margin/set to 0) would work, but on local results it doesn’t work.

Do you absolutely need an iframe? Or c ould you push the flash file down a bit and put content right below the dropdown as to avoid this issue?

tried the wmode transparent/opaque, no difference. Youtube iframe code has the same issues.
As of right now, yes we have to use the iframe.

What youtube iframe code? Can you post it?

I was searching and came across some people adding ?wmode=transparent to the end of their flash file as a parameter. Have you tried that on youtube iframe code? THe example I saw used it on theirs and apparently it worked for them.

If that doesn’t work, I’m out, I don’t know if there is even a fix for this, but kudos to someone who finds an answer somewhere in code :).

Well, mine’s not really utube code, so putting the parameter at the end of my URL really isn’t going to do anything is it? I simply mentioned because it came up while searching for a resolution that utube causes the same problem with their code.