IE 8 browser support

In my template in only IE the background of my slider is white when it should not be no background at all except the body background. i have heard about this but have never had this problem before so any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

View Here!

also would like to know how i would get PIE working correctly but that is not a huge worry at the moment.

JavaScript is adding in a background color or white to help IE with the transitions, but you could remove that if you wanted to. It’s about 3 fifths of the way down the slider.js file.

thank you so much man that has been an issue for about 3 days i do appreciate it.

I can’t guarantee it will help, though, as JS is not my area. I just checked your site in IE8 and it’s still the same. Have you tried this yet? I’m sure this forum will help you find a solution if the above doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

i have tried this and it did work very well on my offline development version but i will upload the current version so you can check it out. also if you know of any good solutions for round corners in IE8 and below besides images i would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject and what is best practice.

disregard the last post i have gotten the round corners working in IE8

I’ve used PIE in the past, but there are some other solutions too:
list of further options

What have you done to set up PIE? It’s probably best to have a separate IE style sheet and add the necessary styles and link to the PIE file there, but I don’t see that on your site.

EDIT: ah, sorry, posted over you. Yes, I see it’s woring now. :slight_smile: