IE 7 won't print top line in table cell unless it's italicized

Hello everyone,

We have a meeting agenda that’s displaying a weird behavior. In Firefox, Chrome, and IE 8, this is not an issue, but in IE 7, the top line of some of the table cells won’t print unless we italicize the font. This is the name of the session, in bold, that’s not printing in some of the cells. Anyone have any idea what’s causing this? We’ve proposed italicizing as a short term fix, but we need to figure out why this is happening in the long term.

Thanks for any ideas!

Laurie Robey

Hi, without a link to look at we can’t really help you code wise :). PS-does IE6 not work as well?

I’ll try to post a link, but I don’t recall being allowed to the last time I tried. How’s this?

Looks like it worked! I guess I have enough posts now. Anyway, I haven’t been able to test in IE 6 yet.


I don’t have a printer so this is as far as I can go helping you, but fix your CSS and [url=]HTML validation errors.

Sorry I can’t be of more help :). I’m more of setting you up for someone who can actually debug/test this lol


Try this:

#agenda p{min-height:0}