IE 7 - three issues

Hello all,

Please have a look on the top search box, and the submit buttons on this page, with IE 7:

You will notice that, on IE 7, the input field is way more on top (when compared with good browsers);
If I add a margin-top to IE 7 only I can solve this. But I already have a IE less then 9 only CSS, should I create yet another CSS file for IE 7 Only ? :frowning:

The search button on the top bar, is align top for some reason. Should we, again, try to push it down using margin on a IE 7 only style, or can we do it differently ?

When we click the buttons on IE 7 (using sprite technique with a background img), we will notice that the element stays with the :active state, and it only get out from that state when we click again somewhere else.
Is there a way to make it behave like the other browsers ?

Can I have some help on at least some of this issues please ?