IE 6. makes my breaks the css flow layout

hey folks, i been developing a website and today i get the to see some pages in IE 6 and. everything (the main body content) was all out of flow as it should have been in modern browsers. how can i fix this problem ?

It will cause problems if the element is not floated because then it will become inline in IE6. If that’s an issue then just create a class that says display:inline and add it to any elements that you float.

about the logo what’s wrong with it

It’s pushing the whole page below the fold in IE6 because you have invalid syntax. Use my cleaned up version.

having display inline. what impact will it have on currently running bluebg?
about the logo what’s wrong with it


You are floating the table but is has margins so you are getting the double margin bug in ie6. Assuming that your are always floating .bluebg then you culd add this:

* html .bluebg{display:inline}

If bluebg isn’t always floated then you will need to address the issues where it is floated so that the display:inline fix can be added.

The styles for the logo are incorrect and should be like this:

.plc-logo {
   [B] margin-top:360px;

That should get IE6 looking better.