IE 6 and FontSpring Issues

Hello everyone,

First off, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong spot! Ok, here we go:

Creative Roost Design & Photography

I am working on this site for a friend and I’ve ran into 3 issues that I am aware of:

1.) In IE 6, the site looks completely broken. I am on a Mac, but was able to see it recently on a PC (IE 7 and 8) and it didn’t look like IE 6. I am wondering if I should be concerned, given IE 6 isn’t supported by some of the most frequented sites out there? If it’s a serious mistake on my part, I would like to correct it.

2.) The font spring embedded font is not working in IE whatsoever. It is fine in Chrome, Safari, and FireFox on the Mac and PC. Any ideas?

3.) The portfolio thumbnail rollovers (Creative Roost Design & Photography) don’t seem to work in IE. Is there a workaround to make this also work in IE?

I think that’s it. I hope I’m near completion and the above items aren’t as severe as I am assuming.

Any help appreciated.


that’s what Wikipedia writes about IE6:
-lack of support for modern web standards
-frequent appearances in “worst tech products of all time”
-released on August 27, 2001

Don’t worry!

You should try a few things.

  1. Un-minimize your CSS, so that it isn’t all on one line.
  2. Add a ‘#’ after the ‘?’ in the @font-face code. (The one after the .eot)
  3. Change the MIME type for TTF in .htaccess-- it is coming across wrong. ‘font/ttf’ works for me.

Contact me directly at ethan at fontspring dot com for further help. Good luck!

Just a heads up that the link above no longer works, although I have no way to edit the thread.

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