IE 6 and 7 issue

Anyone know how to fix this issue in IE 7 and IE6? It’s a WordPress blog but it’s a CSS issue. But have been trying to fix it so doesn’t even look right in FF now. But, the avatar should be aligned with blog title, the rule between posts shouldn’t be cutting off the comment number, and the text on the 3rd blog post (with the four images) begins halfway down beside the images.

Also, in IE 6, line underneath title should be a skinny, tan line.

Thanks so much!

I dont see any issues with the avatar and rule. they look good in FF and IE. When you say the avatar should be aligned to the title, aligned how? baseline, top, bottom, right?? The text starting half-way down only appears in IE7. I would start by getting your code to validate.

Top of avatar should align with top of title of post. I will put it back the way I had it so it looks right in FF and you can see the differences.

Everything looks good with avatar and rule in FF and IE8. The only thing messed up in IE7, is the post number, not the rule. I see you are using negative margins for the number. That could be the problem, as IE7 may be having a hard time with that. But you really should get the code to validate first.

why dont you just move the number in the titleavatar div?

Actually, fixed a couple of things. Now the only issue remaining is:

The one post with 4 pictures has a big gap in IE 6/7. The text should start up at the top.

It looks like it has to do with the order, in that in the post, the 4 caption boxes were posted first, and then the text. It seems IE6/7 doesn’t let the text wrap around the first few images, but only the last one.

Any ideas?

Hi, first remove all those empty <p> there…dunno why you have them.

Next, put all 4 image divs inside another <div> and float htat left with a width.

We are going to make columns here :). Then take the <p> and just give it a left margin = to the width of hte column of images (don’t float this <p>!)

IE6 may succumb to the double float margin bug though so we will see :). Any floated element can’t hurt to have display:inline

I do agree that’s a way to fix this one post, to adjust within the post itself, but that would by no means solve the problem in the future. And looking at their posts, the authors don’t know how to do html themselves so they probably wouldn’t be able to remember to do this every time they add enough pictures.

Well…you could use the display:inline-block method…but that wouldn’t allow text wrapping.

You should really get your develoeprs/authors to learn to do HTML the right way the first time.