Ie 6 and 7 :: compatability issues - dont know where to start

I’m working on a website that breaks (css) in ie <= 7.

I have no idea what rule could be causing the problem so I have no idea where to start ‘fixing’ it.

If sombody that knows css much better then I could look at it it I would be greatly obliged.

the forum wont let me post the url because I havn’t posted here enough; but the problems I am getting are this: lines between divs and cut off text.

my url is
explosive DOT whitelabelnow DOT com SLASH signup SLASH thank UDERSCORE you SLASH 35

Note* the cut off text above the red text at the top of the body and the splits down the page in the backgrounds of the body content areas.

What css rules are causing this to look like this in ie6 and ie7 ? and what ‘hacks’ do I need to fix it?

Thank you in advance for your help everyone.

I’m sure this can easily be fixed, but I must rush off for now. Here’s the link for others:

you can start by validating the code…