Idiot Question

Hi, 3 years from now, I’d fix this kind of problem but this time I can’t remember how to fix it. In my command button, the text is “&New Member” and so therefore, when I execute my program there must an underscore in the character N. How am be able to show that underscore? :frowning:

Are you referring to windows programming? If so, then yes exactly… you put “&New Member” but a long time ago the underscore was always visible on the screen. But, in the newer version of MS Windows (for all applications) users have to press ALT to display underscores.

yes darrensweb, I’m referring to windows programming. Are there any options in the IDE environment to make the underscore always visible to user?

Sorry sirGE, but I’m not exactly sure because I’m mainly a web programmer (markup, PHP/MySQL, etc). I do have some past experience with Windows programming, so I tried a couple solutions but no luck. I’m sure though that someone else here will be able to help you with it.