Ideas on how to promote political(ly incorrect) blog/mag

Hey guys,

I recently (well, early this week) launched a new politically incorrect blog about politics, religion, and so on. The address is <snip>

Now, when you go there, you’ll see that there’s a number of articles already now (and growing every day) that should be quite easy to get some readers for. But so far I haven’t been too successful.

So if you have any suggestions on what might be the best way to promote such a site and its individual articles, it would be greatly appreciated.


[FONT=Verdana]Hi mediacurse and wlcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Please note that all review requests, including SEO reviews, should be made through the Reviews & Critiques forum, in accordance with its [URL=“”]guidelines.

You can request general advice and information in this forum, but not a review of a specific site.

I don’t think you should be getting too disheartened after less than a week. :slight_smile: What have you tried so far to promote your site? (There’s not much point in folk giving you suggestions you’ve already tried.)[/FONT]

Hi TechnoBear,

Thank you for your answer. And yes, I’m not really asking for a review here, rather ideas on what other’s would be doing to get the word out in case of a site like that.

And no, not disheartened at all, it’s still just a week-old site, especially when it comes to google and such. But social media could have theoretically given a lot more than it has.

So far, what I’ve done - Starting from the top. Keyword research via g keywords tool, submission of sitemap to g webmaster tools and technorati, contacting 30+ politics blogs about potential mention and/or link exchange, submission to g news (well, that will take some time for them to answer whether they accept it…), submissions of individual articles to digg, reddit, delicious, SU, facebook and twitter account. So far that’s about it.


I see you removed the url, I think it would still be good if people saw the site before they gave the advice. As I think it’s a kind of site that should theoretically be more promoted via social media and the contents could give ideas how to do that. But obviously, it doesn’t have to be in a form of an anchor, so I hope that’s okay if I just say that the url is <snip>?


Sorry, but asking for people to look at your site and then give you advice based upon that site is effectively asking for a review. As I say, you can describe the kind of site you have and ask for general advice about promoting it, or you can make a review request in the appropriate forum.

This should give a good enough idea of what type of site we are talking about here, hopefully.

Start with publishing the article links on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and if possible just stummbleupon it and pin it too. These are the basic stuffs you can start with, which will give some recognition to your articles and website, based on how effective your social media work or campaign is.

[font=verdana]You gave enough description in the title and first post for people to understand what type of site you are talking about. If you want advice specific to your website then you must follow the rules for a review. The reason for this, basically, is to avoid freeloaders. We are more than happy to help you with your site, but you have to show willing and help other people with their sites first. That makes it a community effort, rather than just people coming in here, getting free help and then disappearing again without contributing anything useful.

If you want to have a general discussion about promoting websites and blogs then we can continue that here. But remember that we’ve already had lots of those discussions before, so you can get most of the advice you’ll see from reading the ‘sticky’ threads and other past discussions.[/font]