Ideas for styling a list of services?

I have a love / hate relationship with the ul tag. Lists are great! They’re an easy way to efficiently organize content. I hate lists! They’re so… linear and plain. Anyway…

I’m working on a website (obviously), and am beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to style these two lists on the “services” page to be more… not boring.

Ah yes, you might need a link…

I have literally begged the client to include some sort of description text with the different services, but she refuses absolutely. She just wants them in a list. Period.

Does anyone have any clever ideas? You would be amazed how little inspiration resources there are out there for styling an actual list. Most of the “list styling” guides focus on navigation.

From a coders perspective:

Lists are great! They’re an easy way to efficiently organize content

um… only if the content is a LIST. I mean, don’t go trying to organize a novel by making it a list of paragraphs… or even chapters ( with their actual content included in the list items! On the other hand, despite the name, a table of contents is a list of chapter titles. :slight_smile:

From an art director’s point of view, and I cant believe am saying this I am tempted to agree with your client. you have an elegant, clean, easily scannable brochure site . I would strive to keep it that way. If you are worried that the client is not marketing herself to her full potential , you may linking to specific portfolio samples or you could have a DL with some tool tip type effect … but again that would mean your client would have to supply more content .

Typographically, I would suggest fixing the indent on those bullets so that they are flush with the their headline. Tho I loathe building the lily, you can always style the bullets ( maybe a subtle icon of the logo?)

That’s MHO

Thank you so much!
No, I agree that lists are only good for content that works in a list. A novel in list form would not be a good thing (although it might be an interesting exercise for writers who tend to be verbose, lol).

I actually just got off the phone with the client and she has finally agreed to include some additional content for each service. My main concern was that the site lacks substance, and, just like you said, she was not marketing her unique talents and skills adequately. I’ve got a solution in mind, and I’ll post the work-in-progress for feedback. Thanks again, dresden :slight_smile: I really appreciate the constructive ideas :slight_smile: