Ideas for social media competition

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We have launched a topic centric social media,<snip>, that aims to make information social by bringing together people interested in the same subject in interest-specific groups that have a form of a bubble. Instead of investing in ads or marketing, we give out our marketing budgets to users by organizing contents to win money. These are called as bubble races. Now we have a first sponsored bubble race, and we are giving away [edit: cash prizes] to the winning bubbles. So the three biggest bubbles in terms of member count go to finals, and then the order is determined by which of them have the most content that is relevant to the topic of the bubble. <snip>

My question to you guys is that what is the best way to get this race spread fast virally and via internet marketing? We did one race couple of months ago and it took us way too long time to get it started. Only during the last couple of weeks the race really took off. Now we need to get it moving much faster so your tips are very valuable.

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Using facebook fanpage you can move to fast.Or you can use twitter profile, both are competitive.

Write Press releases for your contest and get it published on legitimate PR sites and get help from your contestants to share your words on twitter about their participation in your contest. That will help you go viral :wink:

My opinion is to try with facebook there is nothing else by more what spreads more quickly “VIRALY” like facebook does

Have an account for facebook, twitter and linkedin. Through these, you can promote your products or business to any kind of people. Also try creating a channel on youtube. You can have thousands or even millions of people see it.