Ideas for monetizing daily newsletter service

Hi everyone,

I have a daily newsletter service (PDF file containing daily puzzles). When I give it for free, I get a lot of sign-ups. So I tried to monetize it. Placing ads inside the email, inside the PDF file. But the result were poor to none. So I tried to charge for subscribing to the service. But no one was willing to pay.

So now I’m stuck. Can anyonw think of a way to make money out of that? Should I lower the subscription fees? Currently I ask for $2.5 per month, maybe try less?

Or give it for free, but force people to watch an Advertisement before downloading?

If you have any idea, I will be glad to hear it.

newsletter ROI depends upon the landing page designing whose force the user to click on ads and another thing is that NEWSLETTER reaching on users’ Inbox or spam folder. Try to do these things.

I can haz a look at all this?

Hey kgtrip,

No one’s gonna buy for charging for subscription to a certain service. Everyone today just want to have everything for free.

Nobody seems to have an answer for your question. I don’t have it either. but it’ll be great if you’ve already found the software you are looking already. If you do, can you tell me about it?


If you are willing to make money out of this, don’t charge them for subscription. Try CPA Networks which will for user to complete a short survey, email submit etc. or which will provide you Content Blocker. You may get a good business out of this :slight_smile:

You could have a donate button on site or in news letter. I would also try adding some products that are related to topic and see if you can make any sales.

Hello, kgtrip
It’s not surprising, that u got stuck. It’s quite hard to make users pay for information, but u can try several things. If u want to make money from that kind of business u should first of all try to win trust among users. To do this u can combine paid distribution with some free services, so that users get used to your site and trust u.