Ideas for goals to set as a software developer?

My work has asked for a list of goals I would like to achieve.
Background: I’m employed as a C#/.Net developer.
Off the top of my head, my primary goals are:

[]Continue to learn and improve my developer skills.
]Learn and be better at system analysis (through dealing with customers) and system design
[]To move towards a team lead position.
]Learn project management
[*]Learning about the company to find where I can make a contribution from a business perspective rather than just an IT perspective
[/list] Does anyone have any other ideas that I might include?


I think you’ve got most of it covered there. I think most organizations want to see you are motivated and that you want to lead. So many programmers are very happy just banging out code and they have no ambition to move the food chain. Seems like you do though… which is great. and it will look good to your company.

Perhaps you could add working on your mcsd if you dont have it already.


  1. have fun at what u doing
  2. f…k carrier enjoy life
  3. dont be to serious about your work
    :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
    hope this helps

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