Ideas/Best Practices for Integrating Authoritative Sources

I am looking for suggestions about including authoritative sources in content. I’ve done research writing, so I am familiar with the issues regarding proper citations, credible sources, and plagiarism; however, I’ve done research writing, so I’m afraid my copy will look like academic research writing.

I have some obvious ideas: Important Source reported that viruses are bad (full citation) – as a result we offer benefits, benefits, benefits call to action. “Last year viruses caused bad stuff” (full citation) – as a result we offer benefits, benefits, benefits call to action.

Also, I am looking at writing some articles that build on and analyze source material, so if you have any thoughts to share on that I would appreciate that as well.

Many Thanks


If anyone is interested in thoughts/ideas on integrating sources targeting the user, check out DCrux’s infographics website. In it you will find great authoritative quotes weaved into the content. On the right column of the first page, half-way down, is a good example of a cited quote. The information is relevant and communicates to the user. Note the position. The quote occupies a section of a paragraph, giving me a reason to read the contents of the paragraph. Normally I use images for this function, but here is an example that does the job of an image and so much more. The quote is cited properly, but this thread is not about proper citations. If you’re interested in that related and important topic, you can read more about it by clicking the link provided above.