Ideas about my website :)

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a website to present my portfolio. I’d like to get your ideas and improve it. Could you do me a favor, have a look at my website and send your comments to improve it.
Here is my website :

can’t read the text but it all looks pretty nice to me. Perhaps a lot going on but probably better than too little.

Had a quick look at the source and whilst i am far from an expert there are a few bits i think could be possibly be improved…

You have Description and Keywords specified twice. The first set of keywords is way too long it runs from line 27 - 683!!! I know google doesn’t really use keywords (or so they say) but i do still put them in but i tend to not do more than about 20 or so.

You also have a lot of stylesheets (29+) which are going to take some time to load. I’d try and combine them even if you keep them separate and just output as a single stylesheet. I used PHP to combine multiple stylesheets and output a single file with the correct headers and an expiry date.

a couple of them you seem to call twice

<link rel='stylesheet' id='ls-google-fonts-css'  href=',300,regular,700,900|Open+Sans:300|Indie+Flower:regular|Oswald:300,regular,700&#038;subset=latin,latin-ext' type='text/css' media='all' />

<link rel='stylesheet' id='mytheme-sourcesanspro-css'  href=';ver=4.2.2' type='text/css' media='all' />

Might be wrong but can’t you combine both of those as you call Open Sans twice for instance. Or as they different character sets or something?

very nice though :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much. I appreciate your ideas, I’ll consider them as I assign time to correct wrong things.

Thanks again.

It looks flashy and hopefully your customers appreciate your design work. I should imagine it has taken quite some time.

Try the following two sites to see how the loading time can be decreased. It took over 20 seconds! I dread to think how long it would take mobile users to load using Wifi.

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You mentioned absolutely critical point. I checked the sites. Perfect recommendation of you. I’ll do as the sites say and try to make it faster.

Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing from you more :wink:

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