I'd like to request your assistance in assuaging my website of any bugs for Fotorama.io

If you’ll notice on the website - on this page, for example - the galleries are not functional. However, if you would visit an article or a page for example, for as long as there is no other Fotorama galleries in the same tab, then you’ll have no problem, whatsoever.

Here, you’ll find the code I’ve applied for my website.

I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Best regards,

Khad Maulion Masorong

Work for me :slight_smile: Did you get them fixed?

Mhm :slight_smile: Thanks for dropping by, though! :slight_smile:

If you wait long enough the thumbnails will load and the slider will work. The images sigloads1.jpg to sigloads7.jpg are very large and slow to load. Image 4 is 3.3mB, 6 is 2.9mB and 7 is 5.4mB. This seems excessive. Try reducing the file sizes by optimising the images.


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