ICS - International Card Services


Do not use this merchant.

They are a scammer company, that will NEVER cancel your account, and you will be forced to close your bank account.

I canceled my merchant account with them over 3 months ago, and I am STILL being charged their service fees(which is why I canceled) It was literal costing me $100/month with no transactions.

I have called them every single week, demanding refunds for a closed account, to close the account, and they keep saying, they have closed the account - lie, and that they will refund only my last months service fees, which of course happens to continue to be charged.

I guess if you hate money, and you like getting ripped off, use them.

P.S. Don’t be fooled by their list of large customers… They are a SCAM. plain and simple

Actually - looking at their footer (comparing it to another agent of First Data), they do have those large companies as merchants (as First Data)

The URL has Cardservice in it, and First Data bought Cardservice awhile back, and unfortunately bringing down a lot of merchants, costing them quite a bit of money. A lot of First Data agents would set up merchants with exorborant rates. And KKR bought First Data.

You should find your merchant account agreement to see if you were signed up for a year. If you were, you might just be stuck paying these fees unfortunately.

You should have access to www.mymerchantoffice.com (MMO) - hopefully you are signing into that and calling them, not the agent. The agent will not do much for you. Mainly his / her job is to get you to sign up for a merchant account and collect residuals. They get extra money if they can sign up merchants for one / two / three years. Hopefully this is not the case with you. A lot of times, the agent will e-mail the potential merchant that he / she can cancel at anytime - and the merchant will take the agent’s word for it. They will not completely review the contract and then be stuck paying those fees.

After you look at your contract, call First Data and make sure you are speaking with a representative from First Data, not the agent that you listed. Find out what is needed to cancel. Don’t do anything (like closing your bank account, etc) - they will put you on the TMF / MATCH list which will make it very difficult for you to get a merchant account in the future.

And this comes from my past 14 months of dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, etc - ask for the representative’s ID number / name and ask for a reference number.

Cardservice changed a lot when First Data bought them out and I was working actually working with an agent of First Data for a few years. I found out that I was being cheated actually as well and merchants were being cheated. I quit working with them immediately - actually around by birthday last year. A couple of months before that was when my health issues started. I decided I did not need that kind of stress - I grew up where a handshake meant something.

Ask more questions - I’ll try to respond and give some “inside” advice. I really hope that you did not sign up on a three year agreement.

I guess if you do not have / heard of MMO, this post might not reflect this company. When I looked at the other agent’s website (of First Data) I thought I was still looking at your link and saw First Data’s logo.

Well, no I was/am not signed into a contract, they just suck so bad, they can’t do their business.

They have since canceled the account, but still no refund for the 3 months the account was ~supposed to be canceled, and my stupid account “rep” keeps telling me over and over again, “I have submitted for the refund”…

Yeah right.