IBM Signature Selling Method (SSM)

Has anyone ever been involved in this? Been in workshops, training, have certificates etc?

All kind of information appreciated :slight_smile:

In 1999, IBM announced a new sales methodology to help it’s sales force become the number one sales force in the world, and today all of IBM’s Business Partners can partake in this sales training and methodology shift. Over 90% of IBM’s worldwide sales force (employees) and hundreds of Business Partners have taken a SSM workshop.
Educational objectives of this workshop will enable you to sell more and communicate more effectively with other members of Team IBM.

  • Understand the customer’s business and IT environment to identify investment opportunities []Develop opportunity strategies and plans linked to your customer’s business initiatives []Establish a buying vision with each of your customers []Articulate IBM’s solution capabilities and qualify the solution based on value to the customer []Develop the solution and value proposition []Close the sale through a negotiated approach []Implement the solution and assess customer expectations

And are there overly how many IBM & Lotus people around? Developers or salesmen.