Ian Lloyd "Build Your Own Website The Right Way" - Chapter 9 - Adding a Blog

Good day good people,

I wanted to thank AlexDawson for his clear instructions in the following post:


To clarify a few things though:

1. Template modification

Ian in his book uses a code from Minima Blogger template (see attachment:template_1.txt) which is now different from Minima Blogger template currently stored at http://www.blogger.com/choosetemplate?blogID=1388350426776068547 (see also attachment:template_2.txt) - I don’t know XML but by the first look it looks like it was re-coded…“Blogger” tags to which Ian refers are not there any more.

So what my options in terms of integrating Blogger template into the page?

2.Web Hosting

Ian shows Blogger set up thru FTP by giving website URL and index.html page where Blogger page appears. Since this is not an option anymore,when I buy domain and hosting space,I should set it up thru Google custom domain as per this link:
http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/static.py?page=ts.cs&ts=1233381…? How do I make Blogger page appear on my webpage in that case? Would be there an option to point to a specific page for Blogger page appear on my page?

I would appreciate separate answers to each of the questions above as well as thoughts on integrating Blogger if any. I have found this link also
http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2007/06/adding-your-blogger-blog-to-your-non.html#Template useful.

Thank you