I would like to create a mobile app for my website

Please what tool or software do i use to develop a mobile app for my website, the website is already runing online now but i would like to create a mobile app for it.

Why do you need a mobile app for your website? What will it do that a mobile friendly (responsive) website will not do? There could be many reasons, of course, but too often people confuse a mobile app with a responsive web site, so I ask.

Let me encourage you to look at this post a few rows down the page and see if it helps,
How to create mobile apps

If your needs are for something more specific, let us know and we can talk more about mobile apps.

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i know about mobile responsive but i want to create an app for it

@Trust_Stanly Use AppsGeyser to create professional looking mobile app without any technical skills and also FREE of Cost. You have to go through three simple steps, firstly to select template, then place your web Url and then have to click on create. I am using personally and its awesome.
I had written a step by step tutorial for using AppsGeyser to create mobile apps here, which will help you to understand easily.:


Does that create a mobile app or a mobile friendly view of the blog?

IMHO simply creating an icon that opens a website is not an app.

For example, (granted, I didn’t look deeply into it) I see no mention of how to put together an API for the app to interact with

Hi @Mittineague just follow this Url to check the preview of App created by AppsGeyser:
You can also download the app to check out the performance… and do uninstall later.
I had created this app for one of my oldest blog and It was loved by my readers.

Sorry, but I don’t consider that a mobile app. It looks like a mobile friendly view of a blog to me.

I guess I have a more narrow definition of “mobile app” than others.

Hmmmm… But for free…this tool is not bad… Even it is allowing to run ads inside the app…

kumarsluck, as @Mittineague gently said, the “app” appears to be nothing more than a “desktop” icon shortcut to the responsive web page. Unfortunately, too many people think that such a top-level screen icon is an “app” and do not remember that “app” is short for application… a program that does something special for the mobile user other than just serve as a shortcut.

Shortcuts like this are called “bookmarks” and should be relegated to the browser.


Hmmm… If we go deeply then you are absolutely right. But as a blogger I never try to go deeply for that. I found that tool and also liked by my 80% readers…thats why I always recommend to go for AppsGeyser… Also free and at least giving .apk file for app and making it updatable on Playstore.
And for the app you are saying can’t be made without the advance knowledge and coding of app development, and if we order app then it will also cost higher…which may not affordable by the people who are dreaming about having an android app. And then only these type of tools make their desires come true for having an android app for free.

The web site has already been well designed as responsive and provides all of its features to home and mobile users. Why not just call the mobile thingy what it is, a mobile shortcut instead of an “app”. Because “app” is cool, albeit misunderstood?

In my limited experience, I have never talked to a mobile user who said “give me more apps”. Most of the time, they are cursing the useless junk given to them by their service provider and others and want to delete most of them.


Thank you all but am not looking for a tool that i will just add my link and it automatically for me i what to create it with the features already on my site.

@mizanur812726, that sounds awful needy. Why don’t you start by telling us what (if any) experience you currently have with mobile apps. What technologies have you learned so far? What platforms are you wanting to tackle first?

Sorry for not explaining in dept am good at Html, Css and Javascript a little bit of Php but i use wordpress most times to create a content management site for clients but i really dont know hw to go about creating a mobile app for my wordpress sites and i dont mean a mobile responsive site i mean and app that can be installed on mobile platforms like android or black berry OS… i came across INTEL XDK but it really wont help me to create an app with my already site that was created with wordpress so i wish its possible. And also want to know if i can create an app for a website that was created in php.

The question remains, Stanley, what do you want the “app” to do? How will the app benefit the user?

It must be easy to make a mobile app if…

ok i have a news website already and want to create a mobile application for the site which will notify people that have installed the app of recent post… hope this is enough

i will advice you to hire a developer, because app development is a profession and is not something you can just learn online, it require a professional developer to create it for you as you want. and you will also need to spend some money on the project because the app will be available on all devices, its a good thing though.

Hope this help?

what type of app you need need current website

As application development can be quite a task to deal with, if you are only wanting to notify users of a new post, I personally would recommend using an RSS reader, using the RSS feed from the blog will allow for a user to be notified of a new post.
That is the easiest solution, if you want to look into making an application then for android you will want to start here: http://developer.android.com/guide/index.html