I want to Spaghetti

Thoughts on this?

I think it turned out well for what I wanted… i watched x-files for the first time and listened to some dawkins…

you have truly been touched by his noodly appendage

nice job

Thanks :smiley:

I dont fancy myself as a graphics person so its good to hear ya liked it!

Sorry for double post… but it gotten 883 diggs so far!! Front paged about 20 hours ago…



that is cool…it looks like an octopus than a spag :slight_smile:

Great job, except there’s a drop-shadow on ‘his holiness’ that shouldn’t be there :wink: I would remove it, as it looks out of place and also lends itself to bringing the quality of the piece down- the shadow gives a depth-perception that shouldn’t appear in the sky :wink:

Go to Walmart, they’re cheap…

that spaghetti guy kinda creeps me out lol
but I agree with armchaircritic on the point of the drop-shadow.

The drop-shadow completely goes against the look of the picture. It now looks at the spaghetti dude it not in the picture, but floating in front of it.

Other than that, I find this picture extremely odd. haha, So odd, in fact, that I love it!
Creative, simplistic, realistic for a cartoon, and the colors are great

hah, kinda freaks me out

Could be a poster for Cloudy with a chance of meat balls.

Bloody scary (:

Lol, totally agree!

Nice jobs guys.