I want to show steps and process in design

Hi there. There is a clinic for losing weight and they have 5 steps during their process .
First steps is metabolism , Second is mental , Third is activity , Fourth is nutrition and the Last one is beauty ( a beauty doctor for prevent fallen skin and etc ) .
I don’t know how should design a picture , or show its process in website or i should show it by just one pictures or some pictures ?
Can you give me some ideas for picture and website like these ?
Thanks alot

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Have you tried just going to google, typing in “Metabolism” and then going to image search? Then type in “mental” and again go to image search.

Do this for each step and you will see tons of images related to each step and how people represent the ideas. Then it is just a matter of putting them into a bit of a graphic with related text about each step and their process. Surely the clinic has the wording.

Hi, @ehsantavakoli! Welcome to the forum. :smiley:

Aside from what Marytr has said, I think you also need to take into consideration some elements in doing so. I suggest that you plan how your design would look like as a final product and design on all the elements that you want to see there.

thank you

thank you , I appreciate that

show it in one picture but create a table or chart Or use connecting elements

I can also help you out if you insist.

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Hi @ehsantavakoli,
You can use Canva, Picmonkey and Pispa.

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