I Want To Sell All My Web, How?

(I apologize if wrong Thread)

Hello all,

I need the views and suggestions to sell all over the web / blog that I had been build.

I feel tired because I am 56 years old, and during the 2 years I’ve made 74 blog / web. 15 web with wordpress platform (pay) and the others 59 is a blogspot.

That have PR1=15 and PR2=3

The topic as varied as healt - boat - clickbank - Envelopes - home - bed - pilates - computer - camera - furnitureE - apparel - BackLink

I want to sell the entire blog as well but do not know how. Start of the price, offer, the transaction and transfer of ownership blogs.

I hope there is friends who can discuss this particular issue ever experienced selling web.


Hi inezfalencia. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

One good place to sell a website is Flippa.

As for the transfers etc, you can work that out with the new owner, but it’s all pretty easy. You can back up your site and send the files to the new owner. You can easily set up a domain transfer, too. Contact your domain host if in doubt about how to do it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph, I’ve learned Flippa, the problem is at Flippa only one web at a time while I want to sell all the entire web.

Anyway thanks for advice

Do you own the whole web? :lol:

You could also check out the SitePoint Marketplace. :slight_smile:

Yes all my web

I think that there is a misunderstanding here… when you say that you want to sell your web, I understand that it is a whole site and its domain (one domain, or various that point to the same site)

But then you say that you want to sell all your web… and then I wonder… what do you call a web?

I’m assuming @inezfalencia; means all of his/her websites. (I was just being cheeky above). I’m not sure, but maybe you can offer all of your websites as a package for sale in the Marketplace.

molona, I have 74 blog / web.

Ralph, I’ll try…

Thanks 4 all