I Want to Retrive x and y Postion of my mouse in my windows form application

I Want to Retrive x and y Postion of my mouse, I want to display it in my textboxes in my windows form application.

I find it very odd that you’ve taken a picture of your post and attached it to your post.

But, since the moderators dont want it flagged, I’ll just handwave the fact that you’re probably xposting something and ask what language you’re writing in.

There are at least three types of positions, each relative to:

  • The area of a specific control
  • The client area of the window (form)
  • The entire desktop

Also, you say in my windows form application meaning you want to do it in your application but do you need the mouse position only when the mouse is over the application’s form or outside also?

Do you need to do that only in a mouse event such as a click event or do you need to do it continuously while the mouse is moved?

Please try to be more specific because otherwise if we try to speculate about what you need then this discussion can get really big.

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