I want to put image title above the inserted image in WordPress

First of all, I apologize for my English, because my English isn’t good.

How to display title of attached image between < h3 > tags in the post?

Is that the actual image attribute title that you’re editing there? Wordpress also has “titles” for media files that are the way you’re sorting out your media files in Wordpress, that, I think, does not correspond to the actual attribute “title” - which might explain why it’s not showing up.

In essence, that title field might be used by Wordpress only, and you haven’t actually set the image attribute “title”, hence why it isn’t showing in the array.

Best idea I’ve got, possibly wrong :frowning:

Hi jeffreylees. My purpose, after upload the image, when i click to ‘insert into post’ button and publish post, code shows like this in site source code:

<h3>Image Title</h3>
<img src="abc.jpg" alt="Image Caption">

Is it possible?

This topic is not same with that topic. Please reopen it.

Would something from here be useful?

unfortunately don’t work. Probably i can’t. Take a look at the this topic. I gave details there.

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