I want to make my website footer design better?

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I am new to websites and I am trying to make a website through tutorials. My website is in WordPress and I am using a theme that is not customizable I checked there is no way I can change it.

I am not good at programming so how to make footer design better?
Any suggestion please.

Thank you

Hi @rajazaid837

It sounds as though you have set yourself an impossible task. The footer isn’t customisable and you say you are not good at programming.

Maybe it would be best to choose a different theme, one that either has a footer you like or is customisable?


I don’t see why you would think you can’t customize your WordPress footer. Your themes support may have told this to you but most traditional WordPress footers can be customized by accessing the footer.php file.

You will want to navigate to your admin dashboard, then hover over the appearance link > then click the theme file editor link. From here you can find your footer.php file on the right-hand side navigation that appears.

You can always add CSS to style your current footer as well by adding your CSS to the WordPress customizer. You can access it by hovering over appearance, then clicking customize, then by clicking your additional CSS tab.

There are also quite a few footer builder plugins you can purchase and the most popular WordPress themes typically offer their own footer builders you can use to customize without needing to learn to code.


To have better footer design ,you can install and activate the elementor and elementor header and footer plugin.After activating header and footer plugin.
Go to appearence-select the elementor header and footer plugin-type footer in add new section-template-footer-full website-user roll(all)-no title and no sidebar-publish.
By following these steps.you can have a better footer design.

As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in reviving this thread now.

Thanks to those who responded.

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