I want to make a website - and no one know who I am

Hi. I want to make a website about a product used in the construction industry that is extremely harmful to people. I want to show people how to prtotect themselves, if they buy that product.


How do I do this?


how do you do this? there are lots of ways to remain anonymous

however, before you spend any time building a web site, my advice to you is to visit a lawyer and have her review exactly what it is that you want to say on the web site

i’m just sayin

It’s easy :slight_smile: Private domain name registration.

Just understand that it’s not impenetrable. With enough money and legal muscle, you can still be found.

Why so secret?

Well you could actually make it pretty impenetrable.

Create another paypal account with a fake name, use that to pay for the domain, and get private registration. If you don’t use your real name at all, not much chance of a connect being made.

I suppose the only connection there is that you’d have to send money from your real paypal account to the new fake one… hmm.

Use the same fake details for hosting, use a host that does not need too much by way of details. Maybe even a free host would be the best option.

Not necessarily. If you could generate some sales from somewhere and have the payments go into the paypal account, you wouldn’t have to give any personal details unless you wanted to withdraw the money to a bank account which you wouldn’t do. You’d have no buyer protection but you wouldn’t need it anyway.

Or you could get a prepaid visa and use that to pay for your domain and hosting and use false whois info, get private domain registration and always visit using a proxy.

And it would be a good idea to host the site yourself so if/when it gets issued a takedown notice for slander/libel you can ignore the notice. Not that you would be guilty of slander/libel, just that I imagine those you’re spotlighting might claim that in an effort to get out of the light.