I want to Learn web Designing

Hi all, I really want to learn web designing /programming.
Can you give me some tips where i can start. Maybe i can have it free. Like self study. Pls help me about this.

Hi smartlistful - welcome to Sitepoint, and web design. Depending on what exactly you want to do, there are many different areas of web development skills you might want to acquire. A good introduction to the coding side of things is w3schools.com. I don’t advise you to go for any of their certifications, just to work through their basic tutorials on HTML, CSS, and Javascript to get your feet wet in some of the basic technologies.

Folks who are just starting out often mistakenly believe they need expensive software; however, you can get everything you need for free. You will probably want at least the following:

  • A text editor. I use jEdit, which is open source, but there are dozens from which to choose, such as Notepad64, PSPad, and Notepad++. You probably will NOT want a WYSIWYG editor. Regardless of what you may hear, professional web designers do not generally use WYSIWYG tools such as Dreamweaver - they code by hand.
  • An image editor. Paint.net and GIMP are great choices for similar functionality to Photoshop, and both of them are open source.
  • A drawing program to make gradients and that kind of thing. Inkscape suits this purpose nicely, and is - you guessed it - free.

Once you get the basics down you may want to graduate to more complicated stuff with CMS’s and PHP. When that time comes you may need to set up a local development environment. You can do this on your own computer using XAMMPP, WAMP, or MAMP. They’re free too :slight_smile:

Learning web development really costs more in time than it does in money.

Hello Kenquad thanks for this reply. Im sure its helpful

As kenquad suggested try w3schools or buy a for dummies ebook. They are usually written with complete newbies in mind so are easier to learn from.

thanks for this advice…

yeah and look for design principle books the theories of the books are what they teach in school anyways.