I want to insert gigs in the form of columns as like a fiverr

I am preparing for a website related to job so i have made the structure related to fiverr ie, suppose if a visitor after fulfilling his details about the job should be redirected to the home page in the form of gigs and after a long resarch i had came to know that it can be only possible only with javascript only.so help me please i’m in trouble.here’s the image

Hi @amitkanjiyani3398

This topic appears to be a duplicate of your other one here:-

But this time you have posted in the javascript forum, did you want the topic moving or merging?

I’m not convinced this is correct. Your other code involved PHP form processing which should be able to do a redirect (if done correctly). Relying on a user running javascript can be prone to error.

To be honest I was unsure what the original question was about, whether it was the form processing, the redirect or the layout.

Sorry to say but i was also literally confused about it. the correct thing i need to say is you can just see and visualize in fiverr.com.If suppose you are inserting a post related to any of the topic and after that you will be asking for its categories and its subcategories and after that how come our post come with an gig in the home page with several different other post done by different other visitors but after a long research i came to know that i can be only and only possible with jquery only so plz help me… and sorry about the previous two merged posts.

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