I want to execute my jar file

Hi friends
I have a chat program. Client.jar is uploaded to my website and Server.jar is executed on my system. Any visistor just have to click link and my Client.jar is downloaded in his system and chatting start properly.
But problem arises when visitor don’t have JRE installed in his system then jar file can’t execute. There are any visitors who don’t have JRE.
I want how can i run these jar files in that type of systems???
Is there any way to install jre with my jar file???
Or you have any other suggestion for that…
Please help me…
Thanks in advance…

hi ankit,for you question,in my country,we mostly used “GreenJVM”,Jre can be maintained in 5MB-3MB.you can google 4 more info.

look ankit.pandeyc012 you can do it as easy just you can download jvm it’s about 5-4 MB and making your exe with Java4exe softwar