I want to enter cyber security

I would very much like to enter the field of cyber security. It sounds exciting and a worthy cause. My background is in web design, graphics, IT, coding, public speaking and writing. I have a bachelor’s degree. I am also middle aged. I hope some can give me pointers.
PS: Please, only positive feedback. When it comes to negativity, I’m all stocked up here. LOL :wink:
Thank you for your help.

A lot more specifics are needed here. Web Security, Hardware Security, Network Security? There is a LOT of different aspects of Security related to cyber. Which one specifically interests you?

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If you’re American, most Community Colleges offer Network Security classes. I can’t speak for anywhere else though.

As far as Web Security (such as websites), I’m not sure where you could learn that other than just reading reading reading and experience of vulnerabilities in code that could possibly be exploited.

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Yes, good advice. I’m sure there are lots of great sites on this, but I went to a talk last year by an expert in online security, and his site makes for fascinating reading. (I wish I understood even a tiny fraction of what he goes on about there!)


Web Security sounds interesting, especially in the home land security avenue. However, I am not sure if my age would be in an issue.

Try taking a look at the EC Council website (http://www.eccouncil.org/) as they do offer training. Having gone through that, though, you’d better be up to speed on all your network protocols!

At the risk of creating a number of monsters (not you, of course), Kali (http://www.kali.org/) has taken over from BackTrack in providing a Linux based toolkit for network administrators (and hackers). If you understand even half the tools available in their package, you’re already well on your way.

As stated above by cp, though, you really should narrow your interest to the portion of this WIDE field to something you’re interested in. If you’re trying to build a home network, look into networking OR wifi protocols. Cellphone (both Android and IOS) security is a new area which is showing signs of needing some good security professionals to protect this entry into MANY networks (portable devices are a danger to any network allowing their connection).

So, start reading. If you’re really interested in one area of security vs another, that’s your direction but, if you’re merely interested in a topic, stay with making your own website code secure.


(a CEH)

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