I want to divide (Seperate) each paragraph in This post, what css to use?

Hello friends I am New to this forum and I want help. Please anyone help me to separate (divide) this post paragraph name Android one. I want to separate each paragraph like border box or container only for this page not for whole site, is there is any css code to put?

Not sure if this addresses the problem or not, but the following CSS seems to be causing some of the paragraph headers to be misaligned. Try deleting the line (or commenting it out) and see if it helps.

https://hindimood.com/android-1-version-name/ #6 (line 1860)

h1, h2 {
    margin-bottom: -0.5em;  /* delete me */
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You will need to do what Ron said above but you will also need to find a parent element that has a unique class on this page only (we can’t help you there as we don’t know what is unique to that page).

If there is no classname that you can use then you would need to add your own class to the parent wrapper (or the body element and then use that class).


.mypage h1,
.mypage h2 {
    margin-bottom: -0.5em;  /* delete me */

mypage would be the class that you added to that page only on a parent element (preferably the body tag).


Ok, Finally I decided, I want to do that for all post, please provide code that will work for all post. I want light color border around each paragraph so that paragraph looks separate, this will increase readability. Thanks For your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Your site looks neatly laid-out as it is. The paragraphs seem visually distinct to me. Drawing a box around each paragraph for readability sounds like an unusual use of space especially on a small screen device. Doing this might be confusing; it might distract the reader from noticing when a topic changes. What about the headers? Do you consider them to be separate from the paragraphs or part of the paragraphs? Have you considered assigning alternating background colors to paragraphs instead of putting them in separate boxes or perhaps just drawing a colored line beneath (or above) each paragraph?

Note that your request may require changes to the HTML as well as the CSS on the affected pages.

Please post some screen shots showing how you would like the paragraphs to appear on a page.