I want to Disable Print Screen Button in my Wordpress(Woocommerce)

I want to Disable Print Screen Button copy paste disable in my Wordpress(Woocommerce) entire Website. Any help

dis http://www.theblogtip.com/disable-right-click-on-wordpress-site/ doesnt help

Whatever you make available to the public, can be taken by them. Disabling print screen is not an option. Restricting access to the information is about the only successful technique.

like how?

Don’t put it on your website!

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If you are trying to prevent people copying content from your site, then the simple answer is that you can’t. Once it is publicly viewable, it can be copied by anyone determined enough.

My understanding is that most scraping is carried out by bots reading the source code, not people right-clicking.

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Some sites require people to create an account before they can access certain content, or pay some money for example.

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“I want a public website to not be viewable by the public.”


What do you want your website to do next, disable cameras pointed at the monitor?

YA disable cameras or screenshot pointed at the monitor

Sure. And after that it’ll transform your computer into a spaceship and fly you to mars.

You cannot render something on a screen and make it impossible to take a picture of.


… didn’t you already know how you meant to go about this 2 years ago?

Yes but dis is different requirement.

I just want to stop my client to view my jobs ,for that ive password protected page but if they get acess of password ill loose my client …so i tried plugin which achieved my requirement except where any1 can take screenshot of my page…so any online site were i can post job annoymously will serve my purpose

… so your requirement is an ability to post a job anonymously where noone can take a screenshot of it.

I don’t know what you’re doing, but given that your previous threads have involved you being paranoid about your staff contacting your clients, wanting full size unlimited picture storage without compression, and now anonymity without screenshots, I am officially not comfortable in helping you in any of your goals.

I suggest you report yourself to whatever governmental or police agency is responsible for you so they can analyse your activity.

Good day.

posting job anonymously with my team isit illegal

Probably not, but it seems to bear no relation to wanting to prevent people taking screenshots or otherwise copying a page.

I’m unlisting this topic until you are able to clarify what you are asking, as you already have multiple other threads discussing the issues around your team and clients’ interaction.

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