I want to create face identification system in jsp(java servlet page)or php

i want to create face identification system on webapplication with webcam of any computer where this webapplication use so any one can help me please

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Face recognition is being worked on by literally teams of developers and is still in its infancy.

The level of complexity is so involved I wouldn’t want to tackle it alone.

That said, it could be a fun learning experience to attempt it. And who knows, depending, you might just get somewhere with it.

How much experience do you have now?

I had made program which capture image from a web cam and store in database with Java, html and javascript for user login but I don’t know how to made authentication for comparing or detecting user faces in the database And My experience in core Java, adv.java, html, css, little bit of javascript, and I am BE final year student

My guess would be that it would be something along the lines of fingerprint comparisons - analyse the image to pick out certain key points, encode them, use those to compare the presented image against the database. You’d need to decide (through experimentation and analysis) what the minimum number of features required would be.

I don’t know much about image analysis at all, never mind whether PHP would be the language of choice to do it. I guess if you have to write the various routines for picking out eyes, nostrils, and so on, it probably doesn’t matter much.

One piece of advice - from a performance point of view, don’t display every image in the database as you compare them. Every time I see face recognition software in operation*, it strikes me that this can’t be helping the processing speed.

(* in films, mainly, I admit)

I’ve been thinking of what would be problems. “reference points” will indeed be a necessity.

Fingerprints are essentially two dimensional, getting a face so it can be mapped in two dimensions will be a problem. Especially when the images uploaded are outside of your control.

If you are familiar with the aviation terms, pitch, roll, yaw or automobile tires having caster and camber, you’ll have a sense of the issues.

If one were to submit an image from a defined distance, looking straight on, with their head alignment plumb, with defined luminosity, contrast and hue then things would be relatively easier. (there’s a reason drivers license and passport photos need to be “official”)

Also, the human body is not symmetrical in shape, size, or position. True, you may not notice that someone’s left eye is a bit lower than the right or that the right ear is a bit larger than the left etc. but if you look closely you will often see such minor differences.

Anyway, I see two things that would be needed.

  • code that would be able to determine “reference points” from an image
  • a whole lot of code that could somehow normalize the possible variations of values into something useful

But how to determine reference point from an image, it may be not same at different time face capturing of same person

can you help me about error in my program which shows an error below
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\facelogin-master\login.php on line 329

and my short ending code from login.php as follow

   <? } ?>
  <!-- Site footer -->
  <div class="footer">
    <p>© Company 2014</p>

</div> <!-- /container -->

<!-- Bootstrap core JavaScript
================================================== -->
<!-- Placed at the end of the document so the pages load faster -->

last line is line 329

That error generally means that the PHP parser has reached the end of file, but something (probably a curly brace) was not closed. Just looking at the last few lines won’t help.

Well, precisely. And if it’s going to be any use, you need to be able to see through stuff like people growing or losing facial hair, gaining and losing weight, and so on.

Isn’t one of the mobile phone advertising face recognition instead of passwords nowadays? Can’t you just call whatever they use, like calling a Facebook login or similar?

It sounds like a very interesting, and very time-consuming, project.

In my xampp ver 7.2 server xdebug not present in php.ini file
can you help me

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Would xdebug even be any help if the PHP parser fails prior to trying to run the code? A decent editor would allow you to “collapse” bits of source that might make it easier to spot the missing bracket.

If the file missing the bracket is not the main file then yes. You would be able to debug until you hit the line with the require/include statement that requires the file and it would fail.

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