I want to change the blog template

Good day…
I plan to change the blog template, whether it will affect SEO, SERP and rank?
Thank you in advance

Why do you think it might?

I just learn seo
I think if I change the template whether to change the content and will be changing the ranking position of the blog (i.e Alexa Rank), some of my blog pages with certain keywords in the top position, and whether to change the template will change all that I have achieved

Search engines rank your page on its content, not its appearance, so changing the template shouldn’t make any difference to your position in search results.

If I were you, I’d forget about Alexa ranking. Unless you pay to install their analytics code, it’s based on users who visit your site using Alexa’s browser extension, which may not be a representative section of your visitors. And what does an Alexa ranking really tell you? It doesn’t compare your site to others in the same niche or with the same target audience.