I want to become a full time freelancer, how do I start?

really? you take it from that sentence? English is not my native language so maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t understand him, or I’m so stupid :smile:

His understanding of @dallinnguyen is partly a guess. His language was poor and non-descriptive so don’t blame your own English skills for his lack of communication skills. I doubt that English is his first language either. You seem to have better English than him.

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My understanding of @enous was that this was his general idea - and then I added my own thoughts. I will edit it to make the distinction more clear :wink:

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Credibility and trust are essential. Check out college campuses- there are hundreds of kids with the new “facebook” that are looking for developers. You can start with that to build your portfolio and get your name out there.

No offense at all intended, but if it was me I’d definitely not start with the new “facebook” type ideas in order to build my portfolio. Lots of foundering/ed sites are not going to be a great portfolio, are they? I’d probably start with small businesses and event landing pages. NPOs, charities, whatever. Build some for free if you have to, to get your portfolio going. I knew a guy who, when he wanted a new portfolio item to display particular skills, would go to a business who was lacking a site and say “I’ll build it for free, but only if I have 100% design control other than the branding logo / etc” - and most times, that was a definite yes. Got him what he needed, got them something they needed.

But that’s all personal preference, so to each his or her own. Do what suits you!

But don’t undersell yourself in normal work. “New” is not the same as “gotta be cheap or free labor”. Price yourself competitively. Your goal in the end is to make them value you and your work, and not so much your price point. Because you don’t want to be the cheapest one forever :wink:

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According to me you can easily become a freelancer member.I started my career from freelancing. Now i am a professional web developer. You need to create some portfolios and work detail on your freelancing profile which looks like impressive and should be real. If you have not work done on any kind of project then don’t worry, just develop some personal projects with great ideas. And put them in your portfolios list. In this way you can easily earn from freelancing and also from those projects which you developed for your self using different earning methods from web. Thanks.

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Great, I think so, thank you so much, actually now I have a few clients, I did start with landing page, I’m now building some personal projects, after I finish I will add them to my portfolio, thank @jeffreylees

Thank @mariaandreson what you said is exactly what I think, I will keep doing hard work, I will make client say yes to me :smile:

Everyone’s given great advice so I’ll pile on with how you should re-organize yourself (which in my opinion, is just as important). See, what’s often overlooked is that you actually need more structure than with a normal job - indeed you need to be a stricter boss with yourself than your actual boss!

  1. Setup a schedule: I will do 1 hour of marketing, an hour of research, send out 3 bids on Craigslist/oDesk/etc, whatever. Just set a schedule and stick to it. If you know you want to target a specific country, start changing your sleep schedule so you’re awake when they are. I used to target the west coast (US) from the east coast, so I made sure my “9-5ish” fell around their “9-5ish”. If you’re responsive and deliver consistent work, you might land a contracting job…which is like freelancing, only with a guaranteed flow of work!

  2. Don’t work from home. It’s fine 1 or 2 days a week, but generally there are too many distractions even if you live by yourself. Pick a location like a school or cafe. I’m trying to start an app development service where I charge equity/royalties to students instead of upfront cost. Students tend to be hyper-ambitious but with no experience, so I purposefully work at the university near me during the hours the most tech students are on break at the library.

  3. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone by joining business groups/meetups. You learn business but at the same time are surrounded by people with businesses that you can market to!

  4. Eat healthy and exercise. It’s an annoying cliche, but you’ll be surprised. You know how when you have a big meal, or eat one too many burgers you feel groggy or fall into a “food coma”? Well imagine the opposite.

  5. Master a project and time management tool. Go complete nuts with it for a week or two. Measure literally everything you do from taking a shower, to eating, to driving around. How much you spend online vs your code editor. Literally everything. Think you’re actually spending 8 hours working? You’ll be surprised.

  6. Start a spreadsheet of people you want to target. Here’s one I started for my buddy when I was helping him start a business. Note how I set him up with columns and color codes so that he can visually sort columns and set a priority. For example, he wanted to niche in pizza shops. The sent column helps him remember when he send out a letter and when to follow up with a phone call.


wao, all are good advices, thank you @labofoz You really gave me what I need

I have started as freelancer in 2010.

I have joined in freelancer.com and started getting some projects. I think the website has changed so much now.

The thing is you have to find marketing place where you can market your stuff.

There are so many good websites like freelancer.com where you can get enough projects regularly and if you are good enough to handle the project you do have some long term clients as well.

Good luck

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You seems to have good skills so becoming a freelancer won’t be difficult for you. You can join sites like elance and freelancer to render your services there.

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You need to advertise your self. Make a website, include your skills, create a video when necessary.
Join a lot of social bookmarking sites and social networking sites. Boost your popularity.

I remember, I had a friend once who old me that they hired a man from Romania to do the job for them and the company is based in Switzerland.

So that sound great right?

actually now I do have 2 clients, how lucky I am :smile: I will try harder, thank you guys :sunny: